Committee & Contacts

The Committee is the group of Owners who are appointed (by election or nomination) at each Annual General Meeting, currently held in February to manage the affairs of Casuarina Villas under the Owners Corporations Act 2006.

The committee has appointed a management company to look after the affairs of the Committee including:

  • Maintaining Owners Corporation Insurance (Building/Public Liability cover etc)
  • Preparation and Lodgement of Insurance Claims
  • Owners Corporation Levy Invoicing and Receipting of payments received
  • Payment of Creditors
  • Maintain the Owners Corporation owner records
  • Ensure common property areas are properly maintained
  • Ensure Owners Corporation Rules and Regulations are adhered to
  • Preparation of the Annual Budget for the approval of Members
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Arrange and attend Owners Corporation Meetings as required
  • Distribute Minutes of Meetings for the Information of Owners (AGM only)
  • Engaging qualified contractors to carry out preventative maintenance and repairs
  • Provide Owners Corporation Certificates to be included in the Section 32 sale documentation for apartment sales
  • Attending to all correspondence
  • Lodgement of BAS/GST Statements & Income Tax Returns
  • Maintaining and administering bank accounts
  • Maintenance of records
  • Ensuring compliance with the Owners Corporation 2006 and the Subdivision Act
  • Maintaining Professional Indemnity Insurance in accordance with the Subdivision (Owners Corporation) Regulation 616
  • Executing documents under seal as delegated
  • Debt collection and management
  • Regular site inspections
  • Provide general assistance to the Owners Corporation for it to carry out and perform its duties and obligations under this schedule

All communications with the Committee should be made through the management company or via the contact table on the Notices and Events page on this website.

Mayfield is the appointed Owners Corporation manager for Casuarina Villas (PS544418D).

Paul Ngo is your appointed Owners Corporation Manager.

Owners and tenants can contact Paul’s office as follows:

Office: (03) 9645 9981


For any urgent afterhours trade emergencies involving common property, please contact;
Tymaline Building Services on 0418 362 023

Owners are responsible for all works within their private property. Tenants should contact the owner or the owner’s appointed agent for maintenance and new works.