Owners Corporations can adopt model rules and make other rules specific to the proper management of the common property as indicated below.

These rules are binding on all residents, visitors and contractors.

Further Rules and Guidelines Specific to Casuarina Villas Concerning:
(see useful links for PDF copies that can be downloaded and printed)

  • Guidelines for Residents Moving in or Vacating
  • Mail and Courier Deliveries
  • Car Parking in the Building
  • Car Washing
  • Balconies / Courtyards
  • Smoking
  • Cleanliness in Public Areas
  • Insurance & Damage to Apartments
  • Leasing / Selling Procedures
    • Owners’ Responsibilities
    • Estate Agent Responsibilities
  • For Sale, for Lease and for Auction signs are NOT permitted at Casuarina Villas
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • COVID 19

All Lot Owners, along with any lessee, sub-lessee or occupier of a lot, are bound by the Model and/or Special Rules of the Owners Corporation. The Owners Corporation requests you include these rules within any lease or licence agreement between Lot Owners and Tenants.

Rubbish Removal
Communal Rubbish Bins are located in the communal areas of the two secure car parks. Rubbish bins are taken out for collection weekly by the cleaners.

The City of Kingston offers all residents a garbage, recycling and garden waste (optional) kerbside collection service. Garbage bins (red lid) are collected on a weekly basis. Recycling (yellow lid) and garden waste (green lid) bins are collected on alternate weeks, on the same day as your garbage bin which is a Monday for Casuarina Villas.

For more information see

It is important to stress in relation to the yellow recycling bins that no plastic bags are to be placed in these bins even if the bags include accepted items. Empty accepted items into the yellow recycling bins and recycle the plastic bags or place in them in the red bins.

Accepted items for the yellow recycling bins:

  • hard plastic bottle and containers
  • newspapers, magazines, advertising material, letters, envelopes, office paper and phone books
  • milk and juice cartons
  • cardboard boxes
  • steel cans, aluminium cans and foil
  • glass bottles and jars

The following items are NOT accepted in the yellow recycle bins:  Recyclables in plastic bags, plastic bags, polystyrene foam, crockery or pyrex, rubbish, garden waste, nappies, clothing, linen, carpet, toys or shoes, syringes or medical waste.

No hard waste is to be placed in the carparks or on the nature strip unless they comply with the City of Kingston’s hard waste rules:

Security Cameras are located in the car park areas and property frontage and the Owners Corporation will take action against offenders.

Do not leave rubbish in bags outside your apartment door, balconies, or the floor in the garbage area.

Kingston City Council is introducing food waste recycling as part of the green bin service.

Throughout 2020 Council will send every home or apartment that has an existing green bin a food waste caddy and compostable caddy bin liners. These caddies (little buckets) are designed it sit on a kitchen bench and are to be used for all food scraps and paper towel - this is to reduce the amount of garden waste going to landfill and once it’s full the whole bag with contents is to be placed in the green bins in the car park areas.

When Casuarina Villas receive these caddies, you will receive more detailed information on what can and cannot go in our green bins. You can also download a copy of Council's information booklet.

See the Council links above for more information.