Utilities & Access

Utilities Connections and Security Access to the Car Park, Apartments and Common Areas

Connections / disconnections to electricity, gas and water are the responsibility of residents by arrangement with their preferred provider.

Security and Access
Maintaining security is the shared responsibility of all residents of Casuarina Villas.

It is essential that extra care be taken when entering or exiting the building, ensuring that no one unknown to you is permitted to gain unauthorised access.

External entry / exit doors must not be propped open and residents should ensure the doors close securely behind them each time.

Visitors are required to contact a resident via the intercom. The intercom is located next to each main entry gate on Gladesville Boulevard. The resident can then press a release button on the video/intercom ‘phone’ in their apartment and provide the visitor access through the entry gate.

The keys to apartments are NOT on a restricted system and therefore any locksmith can cut a key to access your apartment. Replacement keys are the responsibility of the owner or tenant.

FOBs (electronic keys) for access to the car park, common areas and entry foyers should be passed on by departing owners to purchasers and new tenants. Departing tenants should return FOBs to the owner or the owner’s appointed agent.

Under no circumstances should FOBs be provided to non-residents as this will seriously compromise the security and safety of residents, including those persons who are at risk of family violence.

Additional FOBs can be purchased by residents only, by placing an order with Mayfield using the application form.

Please note: Additional FOBs cannot be provided to tenants unless a signed lease document is provided to Mayfield Owners Corporation Management with the Application Form.

NBN Internet Connections
Internet connections must be arranged by residents with their preferred provider.

It is important to note however that internet contractors will need access to the secure MDF room in the right car park area to arrange a new connection.

This should be done with ample notice by contacting Mayfield directly or the Committee via the contact table on the Notices and Events page on this website.

Foxtel and Free to Air TV
The Owners Corporation has installed a Foxtel Satellite and Free to Air Antennas. Many units already have installed connection points and new residents can self install in these situations.

New connections that require access to the MDF room should contact Mayfield directly or the Committee via the contact table on the Notices and Events page on this website.